Jøtul I 520 FL fireplace insert in white wall in Scandinavian interior

Fireplace with glass on several sides - a dream for all interior aficionados!

The fireplace is perhaps the finest feature you can have in your living room. And if it has large glass panes that give you a good view of the fire, it is easy to see why. Let us show you how attractive your living room can be.

Jøtul I 620 FRL white fireplace insert with wood niche in bright modern living room

Fireplaces with glass panes on one, two or three sides

The fireplace is an important design and interior feature in the room. A crackling fireplace or wood burning stove is a natural point around which to gather on chilly days, where you can sit back in an easy chair and feel the pleasant heat spread through the room and into your body and soul.

A fireplace with large glass panes lets you enjoy a truly panoramic view of the fire. You can choose a fireplace with one, two or three panes of glass. If you’d like to be able to see the flames in your fireplace from different parts of the room, we definitely recommend a fireplace with two or three panes. Our fireplace inserts feature glass coating and air wash, which help keep the glass clean and allow a clear view of the fire.

Jøtul I 620 FL black fireplace in a bright and modern living room

Design your own fireplace

If you’d like to design your own fireplace, we have an extensive selection of fireplace inserts of various sizes and large glass panes that can be built in.

Whether you want a fireplace in a corner of the room, a fireplace to divide a room, a fireplace with a wood niche or similar, inserts are definitely a good choice. What’s more, you have a wide selection of finishes to choose from, such as smooth and rough textures, painted dark to create a contrast or the same colour to harmonise with the rest of the wall.

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Jøtul I 620 FL white fireplace with a wood niche that divides the room between kitchen and living room

Fireplace to divide a room

You might want to position your fireplace where it will divide a room to provide heat and comfort in two zones at the same time and thus double the pleasure. There are really no limits to how a fireplace can enhance comfort, pleasure and well-being in the home as well as its visual appeal. The fireplace is much more than just an attractive item in the room that produces heat, it is the heart of a welcoming home!

Our dealers can help you realise your fireplace dream

Whether you want to design your own or not, our dealers can help you make a choice that suits you and your needs, so you get the fireplace of your dreams.

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