Heat-retaining wood-burning stove in an architect designed cabin

What could be better than getting away to a cabin in the north of Norway and being able to relax and recharge, surrounded by stunning natural scenery? That’s exactly what this couple from Harstad was thinking when they chose Tjeldsund in northern Norway as their dream location. A place where they could enjoy cosy get-togethers, explore the great outdoors and sit by the fire and relax for hours.

A Gapahuk cabin in Viking country

The couple had been searching for a cabin for a long time before they found the Gapahuk, which was designed by the well-known Norwegian firm of architects Snøhetta. The cabin is 55 metres from the sea in the municipal district of Tjeldsund – a region rich in Viking history, sites and remains that reveal evidence of early settlement and considerable prosperity during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. Surrounded by high mountains, the Gapahuk cabin blends perfectly into this raw, open and beautiful landscape.

The Steinsvik sword

Did you know?

The Steinsvik sword, one of the finest Viking weapons in Norway, was found on the island of Tjeldøya.

Source: https://snl.no/Tjeldsund

The Jøtul F 520 HT stove - almost like a campfire in the middle of the cabin

After the couple had chosen their cabin, they started looking for a wood-burning stove. It took time for them to decide on a stove that they felt would suit the interior. A wood-burning stove is often a focal point in the room and a feature of the home that should last for years. In the end, the couple settled on the Jøtul F 520 HT, which they felt was the perfect wood-burning stove for their Gapahuk cabin.

The wood-burning stove Jøtul F 520 HT in a beautifully finished, architect designed cabin

Our cabin has 94 sq.m. of open space, all on one level with lots of windows and high ceilings. We use the stove all year round and it heats the cabin quickly, the couple says.

The clean lines and height of the wood-burning stove serve to enhance the character and tall ceilings of the cabin. Glass on three sides of the large burn chamber provide an inviting view of the burning logs and a feeling of hygge. You can almost imagine you’re gathered around a cosy campfire.

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The wood-burning stove Jøtul F 520 HT in a beautifully finished, architect designed cabin

We are very pleased with the performance of our wood-burning stove. We have read Jøtul’s wood burning tips and the stove seems to be very efficient and burns the soot off, the couple says.

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The wood-burning stove Jøtul F 520 HT in a beautifully finished, architect designed cabin

Heat-retaining wood-burning stove with a panoramic view of the fire

The Jøtul F 520 HT is a tall wood-burning stove with generous glass on three sides that gives you a panoramic view of the flames from all angles. There is space in the top of the stove for heat-storing stones that radiate heat for up to 12 hours after the last log was put on. And the base has a practical compartment for log storage.

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Enjoy viewing the beautiful flames through clean glass

A special coating on the large, horizontal glass door and side windows helps keep them clean. The stove’s air wash system directs air down the inside of the glass, preventing soot from settling and building up. User-friendly air vents are another practical feature that make it easy to light the stove and control the flame and fire.

Heat-retaining wood-burning stoves offer numerous benefits:

  • Give off comfortable heat for hours
  • Use less firewood
  • Reduce the need for other heating sources
  • Financial gains
  • Environmentally-friendly burning


A great place just to be

Enjoying the Norwegian outdoors, wearing hiking boots or skis

The couple get away to their cabin most weekends and holiday periods. The cabin is surrounded by majestic mountains, including Kongsviktinden, Sætertinden and Haukebøtinden, making it ideally located for exploring the peaks on skis or snowshoes in the winter and for hiking in the summer months. Autumn is the season of cloudberries and chanterelles, which the couple can often pick right outside the cabin. They also own a forest of birch trees which provides them with firewood for their stove.

Map of Tjeldsund and Nordic cabin with northern lights.

The Northern Lights are visible this far north in Norway and the couple often see them dancing across the skies. And since the cabin is surrounded on all sides by undisturbed countryside, it is not unusual to spot reindeer and elk wandering past just outside. This is a truly magical place where they can get away from it all. Where they can unwind and recharge their batteries either in the great outdoors or inside enjoying the warmth and comfort of the fireplace.

Would you like a closer look at the Gapahuk cabin?

Check out their Instagram page @gapahuk_cabin to view posts of cabin life through the seasons.

The wood-burning stove Jøtul F 520 HT with black dog in front.
Plain landscape with lake, reindeer and high mountains.
Yellow chanterelles in a glass bowl.

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