Winter Home

Get Your Home Winter Ready

Get your home winter ready before the hard freeze with our winter design tips and read how a wood stove will improve your comfort this season.

Winter is here and as much as we embrace the crisp frosty mornings, we all know those winter temperatures will continue to plummet and catch us all out. Keeping warm is important and if your home is currently not full on ‘winter ready’ don’t panic it’s not too late. Get your home winter ready before the hard freeze with our winter design tips and read how a wood stove will improve your comfort this season.

Pick the Right Stove Design

Wood stoves are not merely the large black box stoves featured in movies and rustic cabins of old. There are now more designs than ever to choose from. Whether you prefer more of a traditional classic style black paint finish to match most home décor options, or are looking for something a little more contemporary, there are surprisingly more options than you may first think. Models can be freestanding floor based, built-in cassette style or wall hung allowing the stove to stand off the floor. It is truly up to you which style suits your taste but take some time to consider your surrounding décor and what you may intend on doing with that same space in the near future.

Gas or Wood

This is a big decision to make and each homeowner has their own preference to the fuel type to suit their needs best. Some prefer the economical option of wood burning stoves, especially if they have access to their own wood source as well as a dry place to store supplies of seasoned wood. Wood stoves provide you with heat all winter no matter if your major power supply get interrupted with unpredictable power cuts.

Gas stoves equally provide good heating efficiency and reliability and is perfect for those who prefer a heat source readily available without the need to feed a fire. It’s all about what you suits you best and prefer to use in your own home. You cannot go wrong with either a gas or wood burning stove, it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Proper Size

Wood and gas stoves come in a wide range of sizes. Some choose to utilise them in spaces that tend to be cooler than the rest of the house such as backrooms and extensions. They are, however, a proven resource for their ability to heat a whole home as well. When considering either option of fuel source it’s important to ensure that you select just the right size of stove to suit your specific needs. Using a reputable, knowledgeable and experienced dealer, visiting their showroom and gaining advice is as essential as using a fully recognized installer. Gaining a professional assessment of your home and asking a local dealer to recommend the right size of stove to your exact space will ensure you buy a unit of correct capacity and efficiency. A centrally located correct capacity stove can warm an entire home even during the coldest of temperatures without the use of a central heating system and will provide you with a warm, radiant heat to keep you and your family comfortable.

Comfy Furnishings in the Right Places

It may be tempting to move furniture closer to your stove for added warmth, but distance is your friend especially when it comes to furniture and window treatments. Stoves should always be placed a minimum of one meter away from drapes and blinds and any combustible materials to avoid potential fire risks either from wind blowing the drapes closer to the stove or sparks when feeding or lighting a wood stove. Furniture should also be kept at a safe distance, but rest assured you and your guests will enjoy the radiant heat without the need to be right next to the stove. 

Decorate Around, Never On

Decorating for the Christmas festive season is always a great experience, but before you hang your Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantel be sure to take note of where the stove is located. If you have an insert for your fireplace, ensure that stockings and decorations do not hang down too far as that can be a potential fire hazard. For stand alone units, simply keep all decorations away from the stove and never decorate the flue as it gets remarkably hot while heating the home. Garlands and other decorations may melt or catch fire easily, so just like all furnishings, maintain at least a meter distance between any decorations and the stove.

Your home will be invitingly warm and cozy this winter season all with the help of a beautiful wood or gas stove. Never be without a heating source this winter and enjoy the comfort of bringing friends and family together around the stove. Remember to always clean your stove regularly to get the most out of its use and extend its life. And remember to have your stove inspected by a professional before turning it on the first time each winter to ensure there are no blockages or creosote buildup in the flue from the previous year. Happy winter and enjoy your home with winter with radiant heat from your gas or wood burning stove.