5 Reasons Why

Winter is here! - Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Wood Burning Stove

As the long nights draw in, there is nothing better than putting on your favourite pair of pyjamas and getting cosy on the sofa in a room lit by a wood burning stove. It sets the mood whether you are feeling lazy on your own, romantic with your partner or relaxing with your friends; it adds a welcoming warmth to any home. Here are five more reasons why we think our stoves are the best.

They Offer an alternative Source of heating

There are many benefits to having a separate source of heating in your home. In the event of a power cut, your wood burner will provide much needed heat and light until the problem is rectified, you can even put your coffee pot on top too!

They Can Save You Money

A wood burning stove can make a significant reduction to your energy bills, the initial investment and installation costs are soon recouped. Then you simply need to keep a good stock of kiln dried logs to provide optimum heat and a wonderful glow to your room. Over the long-term, log burning in a wood stove is far more cost effective than the rising heating costs associated with gas, oil or electric central heating.

They Only Heat One Room

When you turn the central heating system on in your home you either have to heat the whole house, or run around each of your rooms you are not intending to use and turn the radiators off. Wood stoves however, are made to heat the one room in which they are installed, granted as the heat rises then inevitably other rooms will also benefit, but the concentrated heat will be dedicated to the area which you desire, usually the room you use the most.

You Don’t Necessarily Need a Chimney

If your home already has a chimney, then your installation will require a chimney maintenance check to ensure it is safe and a liner or flue may be required – if you don’t have a chimney then there are still ways around it! It is possible to get a dedicated flue system that will run from your wood burning stove up to the roof of your house through the walls to let the smoke out. Now everyone can have a wood stove!

They Can Easily Fit in with an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Rather than burning harmful fossil fuels to provide power to your main living room, a wood burning stove offers you a source of renewable energy that you are in control of. Modern clean burn wood stoves are much more efficient at sending heat into the room rather than pumping out a chimney full of smoke or losing over 80% of your heat from an open fire.  Research and the clean air act have ensured that the amount air particulates produced by wood stoves are significantly lower in the new generation of ECO Ready Design stoves than ever before. If you live somewhere that has been designated a smoke control area these new generation stoves can even open up the opportunity to become a wood stove owner too.

They look good and save you money and fuel resources – what more could you want from your wood burning stove? With the cold winter looming and the uncertainty of Covid-19, you will appreciate this purchase as much as you did the hot tub that got you through the summer lockdown!