Our «Hygge» - expert

One who really likes to enjoy himself - it's this guy. Finding a soft and warm place to sleep, and completely relax - is an art the cat has mastered for hundreds of years.

Tips from a real «hygge» expert

Are you one of many who live in a hectic everyday life consisting of a long list of things that have to been done? If you are, you may want to follow the tips of a real expert who knows what he is talking about. House cats know the art of taking most things in their stride, and know exactly where the best places in the house are to do just that.

  • Soft and good space: As a cat, sleeping and relaxing is a big part of life, a full 14-18 hours a day is spent sleeping or relaxing. Therefore, the actual place to lie on, is carefully selected. The surface should be soft - preferably the best chair in the house, or in the middle of the sofa. A cat that is extra lucky may get a place on the owner’s lap, and get extra cuddles or scrathing behind their ears.
  • Peace and quiet: If you find a place with total peace and quiet, this is prefrable , but the reassuring sound of someone being home can also be a relaxing sound to have in the background.
  • Blankets and pillows: A good blanket (which is not itchy), and good pillows is a must for extra comfort.
  • Real heat from the fireplace: When it starts to get cold outside, finding a warm and cozy place is very important. Underfloor heating can be good, but does not measure up to the comfort of your owner’s lap in front of the crackling fireplace.


"The underfloor heating cables can be good, but they can not measure up to the comfort of the food mothers lap in front of the crackling fireplace".


Sam the cat, hygge-expert

Cuddle with your cat and lower your blood pressure

Cats that purr are both soothing and cosy to look at. Now it turns out that cats that purr can have positive effects on our health. When the cat purrs, stress is lowered, which leads to our blood pressure being lowered.

A study from the University of Minnesota shows that cat owners have as much as 40% less risk of heart disease, and are less likely to have a heart attack. Researchers believe that this is also due to the fact that stress levels are lowered so much by the soothing purring sound.

Calm down with a cup of hot chocolate

Lower your stress levels and make yourself a cup of steaming hot chocolate


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