Jøtul F100ECO.2 now available

Select from two beautiful options

Jøtul F100ECO.2 now available

We have introduced our latest state-of-the-art combustion technology into another of our much-loved wood stoves, the Jøtul F100 in newly introduced now as the Jøtul F100ECO.2

Showcasing all of its cast iron classic styling the new model now proudly displays an A Eco energy rated label, 80% efficiency rating, and boasts a nominal 4.9kw heat output for your room. Made in the finest quality materials which we are world-renown for, this compact wood stove features an internal ash solution which makes removing the ash from your stove a much easier and cleaner operation. This stove will also take up to 35cm log lengths.

There are two options to choose from, a short leg version (H598 x W528 x D445mm) or long-legged (H658 x W528 x D445mm) Other choices to be made are whether you want a plain door on your stove to get a maximum view of the flames or opt for the beautiful tracery, gothic arch detail – whichever would suit your interior style. A black paint finish is offered with the tracery door choice and either black paint, blue black enamel or ivory enamel for the plain door model.

The ideal choice for those who love a classic with a modern twist.

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