Old picture of Jøtul factory with men at work

Norwegian craftsmanship since 1853

Jøtul is one of the oldest producers of wood stoves, fireplace inserts and fireplaces in the world. Building on a proud Norwegian tradition, we have been combining fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold since 1853.

Jøtul factory that melts scrap iron

Cast iron – lasting quality

Jøtul’s product development team always keeps “Design for Manufacturing” top of mind. Our products are made of recycled cast iron and the main principle is that it must be possible to design and produce everything that we make. Our products always meet all test requirements and approval criteria and must be able to live up to our customers’ high expectations. Since cast iron is a living material, no two castings are exactly the same which means that each product is unique.

Did you know that?
Old, recycled cast iron stoves that have been melted down provide us with an important raw material for our production. Basically, the old stoves are unloaded into one end of our plant and emerge as state-of-the-art, clean-burning versions at the other.

No two castings are exactly the same which means that each product is unique.

Espen Auensen, Research and Development Manager at Jøtul

Norwegian cultural heritage and craftsmanship

Norwegian cultural heritage and craftsmanship are core elements of what Jøtul stands for. We therefore always use Norwegian designers and have in-house project engineers. One of the most important jobs they do is to design a product that is then crafted in cast iron. This involves close collaborative working between the modelling workshop, laboratory and production. Interaction and good dynamics are key to the progress of the projects and to enabling the development of high-quality products.

We have our own modelling workshop and foundry right next door to our development facility, allowing the departments to work efficiently and give each other feedback throughout the development process. This brings many benefits and contributes positively to the quality of the working relationships, the ownership of the products and their development.

Man working in a Jøul workshop

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Sustainability is deeply rooted in our philosophy and how Jøtul is operated today and in the future

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25 year warranty

We offer a 25-year guarantee on all external cast iron parts

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Norwegian cultural heritage and craftmanship are core elements of what Jøtul stands for.

State-of-the-art technology in the development process

One of the technologies that we have incorporated in our development process more recently is virtual reality, which lets you experience the product in real size in the development phase.

The experience is realistic and provides immediate feedback that can be used in the product development process. It is a fantastic tool that helps us bring products with good design and aesthetic appeal to the market more quickly.

High standards require extensive expertise and experience

Product testing and approval is a hugely important part of what we do. At Jøtul, we have extensive expertise and experience in this area. We are also involved in research projects in close collaboration with SINTEF, NTNU and other research organisations. We want you, the end customer, to feel safe in the knowledge that Jøtul products meet all testing and approval requirements.

We test our stoves in accordance with European standards and have a special focus on emissions of particulate matter and unburned gases (OGC). We also carry out tests during the development of the stove’s combustion chamber to make sure it complies with the Norwegian particulate matter standard (NS 3058/3059). This ensures optimum performance of the stove in a wide operating range.

Sigrid Bagge Slang, Laboratory Engineer at Jøtul

A reliable source of heat that you can depend on

The history and tradition of Jøtul mean a lot to our customers, our partners and to us who work here. Our commitment to quality, innovation, safety and environmental protection are the pillars of our production, from concept to end product. Thanks to these core values, you can rest assured that your product will be a reliable source of heat for many years to come.

Man adding firewood to his wood stove Jøtul F 602